About Us

Founders Nick & Carole

In 2000, Nick and Carole Federici, Sam Cianchino, and Liborio Ciccarello opened the Second Chance Café to help those in the community that had fallen on hard times and needed support from their neighbours. Everyday, the Café helps the homeless, the hungry, new immigrants, and anyone who needs support and guidance. Everyone deserves a Second Chance.

Our Mission

The Second Chance Café is a registered non-pro5t charitable organization founded in the heart of the St. Léonard borough of Montréal. Our mission is to serve the underprivileged members of our community regardless of age, nationality, or creed, according to the Word of God.Poverty is no longer restricted to low income communities, it is now on our doorsteps. There are a growing number of needy individuals, families, and new immigrants in our community. They struggle daily for many reasons such as low and 5xed incomes, job loss, illness, and divorce. While we are all susceptible to hard times, children, the elderly, and immigrants are the most at risk, and make up the largest percentage of those we serve.Since 2000, the Second Chance Café has provided free coffee and food, such as pizza and bread, on a daily basis. We provide warm clothing for men, women and children; and help furnish apartments for new arrivals. We also help those struggling to overcome drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction and anti-social behaviour. The Second Chance Café operates solely on donations, and is not government subsidized.